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Pack Leader Blog

Authentic leader scorecard - how do you measure up?

Over recent years there has been a lot of talk about authentic leadership in both the academic and professional communities. Many people are advocating that it is the answer to all our problems and suggesting that this is how leaders need to behave during times of volatility, uncertainty and change. But what exactly does authentic leadership mean and what would an authentic leader look like?  Read More

Are you a reluctant leader?

Many people find themselves thrust into situations in their work environment where they are expected to provide leadership to others.  Too often, this is accompanied by little (if any) relevant training in how to actually be a leader, and the problem is this shows very quickly - often with disastrous consequences - when things start to go wrong!   Read More

Lessons for leaders from Go Karting

It was only as I was watching three grown men hurtling round a track in red boiler suits and Go Karts that I began to think about the lessons we can take from this activity as leaders …  Read More

Are you simply an ice bucket follower?

I doubt there is anyone on the planet who isn't aware of the viral nature of the ALS ice bucket challenge - even my Mum mentioned it when we talked on Skype last night, although admittedly she was querying why grown adults were throwing buckets of water over their heads! This worldwide phenomenon is raising some interesting questions about the way humans interact and the nature of the relationship between leaders and followers.   Read More