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Have you got an itch?

Leadership is a process but leaders are people ... and just like my German Shepherd (Kee'no) when people get an itch they simply need to scratch it!  Read More

Congurent communication is key to linking in with your followers

Leaders need to be able to communicate effectively and should be congruent in their communication across different media and platforms, including social media.   Read More

Entrepreneurial leaders need cognitive ambidexterity!

The business landscape is changing and one thing we can be certain is that what worked in the past won't necessarily work next time. Leaders need to develop more entrepreneurial skills to be able to navigate the global crossroads and learn to make choices and decisions in different ways. Entrepreneurial leaders now have a critical role to play in large organisations if they are to develop sustainability and survive in the competitive global market of the 21st century.  Read More

Today's global leaders need to be authentic and resilient

Learning to embrace change and develop resilience in the face of personal and professional adversity is a key skill for any leader.   Read More