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Pack Leader Blog

What breed of leader are you?

As you know, I am exploring and researching the behavioural aspects of the human / canine interaction and its parallels with the human leader and interaction with their followers in the workplace.   Read More

Leadership development doesn't work!

That got your attention, didn't it ...  Read More

How to be the PACK LEADER in your school

I have had the privilege of working in several thousand schools over the past three decades. During this time I have seen some excellent practice but have also witnessed some examples of ineffectiveness that are painful to describe. My philosophy is simple – every child deserves an outstanding quality of education and it is an inescapable fact that this starts with the quality of leadership in the school.  Read More

10 choices that authentic leaders make ...

As an authentic leader, here are 10 typical choices that you will make during your day-to-day leadership practice. Not sure if you're an authentic leader? Then measure yourself against each of them on a  score of 1-10 (10 being high) and then use this to create your own blueprint action plan for personal development.  Read More