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Launch of charity book - 50 Shades of Leadership

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Do real leaders have to blow things up?

Research has shown that life story and narrative is a powerful way of reflecting on the critical incidents in your life and the lessons learned as a result of these experiences.  We all have our own unique life story yet we are rarely given the opportunity to tell it to others.  In my weekly radio show, Leadership Unleashed, I select my guests very carefully - they have to meet certain criteria before I will include them:  Read More

How do I stop the yapping puppy inside my head?

It is a sad fact of life but you only have to watch five minutes of any news programme and you will undoubtedly see examples of tragedies and events that will have unpleasant effects on peoples' lives.  Whether it is a natural disaster - such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or floods - a tragic accident at a theme park or on our busy roads - or an act of senseless violence and terrorism, things happen every day that have dramatic and long term consequences for the people caught up in the experiences.  Read More

Have you got an itch?

Leadership is a process but leaders are people ... and just like my German Shepherd (Kee'no) when people get an itch they simply need to scratch it!  Read More